Saturday, September 3, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Day 3

This was supposed to post! I had it scheduled, I swear!

Want to do a 30 day challenge yourself? Prompts here! For Day 3, I'm not feeling the prompt, so I went here instead.

Bridgit brought the plant to Marcia's house one day after they had a long phone conversation the night before. Marcia had just been dumped, there was no other word for it. She'd been going out with the guy for months and one Thursday night when Marcia casually asked what they'd be doing the next night, having spent the past ten Fridays together, he said, "I don't know what you're doing, I'm going out with my friends."

Marcia was understandably confused. "Well what about Saturday?"

"What about never." He said, and hung up.

"At least he didn't ghost you," Bridgit said, but Marcia thought that might have been better.

The next morning Bridgit brought the plant. It was a plain green one, not even any flowers, and Marcia suspected that Bridgit already had it in her house. The soil was tamped down from repeated waterings. "I thought you could use something to take care of," Bridgit said. Marcia's cat wound around her ankles. "Plus I think this'll cheer you up."

Marcia looked at the plant. It was slightly wilted and had a brown leaf. She smiled. "Thank you so much!"

"I just stopped by to drop that off. I have Zumba," Bridgit said, hugging Marcia and walking briskly to her car.

Marcia set the plant on her kitchen counter. She was terrible with plants. She figured she'd keep it until it died, which looked like it'd happen shortly.

She went about her life. She went to work, she made plans, she tried to stop thinking about that guy. She didn't see Bridgit.

She didn't water the plant, or particularly notice it, until one day when she walked by it on the counter and something caught her attention. There was a glint in the corner of her eye. When she turned, there was just the plant there. It had been a couple of weeks, she'd expected it to be dead or nearby. Somehow though it had thrived. The leaves were shiny and deep green, plump even. She fingered one gently. After touching the plant her hand smelled fresh and green. She added some water to the pot.

A few days later a stalk emerged with a perfectly spherical green bulb at the end. She caught the cat on the counter batting at it and shooed him away. The bulb grew but never seemed closer to blooming. If anything it got harder, the green darker. The stalk started drooping down until the bulb, now resembling a goose egg.

Marcia became entranced by the plant. She raced home each day, anxious to see if the bulb had broken. It never did, but it got bigger. She could see the things that glinted now, The edges of the leaves were tiny silver lines. The bulb looked more like an egg all the time. It settled onto the soil and grew bigger. She was alarmed when she saw it pulsate, like the belly of a pet mouse she's gotten once at the pet store. It'd had six squirming, naked babies and eaten them all.

A month after Bridgit dropped off the plant, Marcia took a day off from work to watch the plant. She had her breakfast next to it, and as she sipped her coffee, a foul smell started coming from it. The bulb cracked... it was an egg.

The bird that emerged had patchy pink feathers and a red beak. It cocked its head at her and squawked.

Marcia had never thought about having a bird, but seeing that pathetic thing tugged at her heart, in a way that heartbreak hadn't for weeks.

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